How to Partition hard drive ( Windows 11, 10, 7) using Disk Management

You will learn in this article how to partition a hard drive in windows 11, 10, 7 , Vista and XP using disk management. Define steps are similar for all Windows versions. You can partition only if unallocated or free space is available on the disk.

In case there is no unallocated or free space on disk space, you can still partition by making some space by performing the task of shrinking disk volume or deleting partition.

How to Partition Hard Drive?

  1. Open disk management as an administrator.
    screenshot of account option to open disk management as administrator
  2. When Disk Management opens, you should see an Initialize Disk window with the message “You must initialize a disk before Logical Disk Manager can access it.”
    screenshot explain how to initialize hard disk partition
  3. Select Unallocated part of disk and then click on new simple Volume.
    screenshot explain step of how to select new simple volume for hard disk partition
  4. Click Next in New Simple Volume Wizard
    screenshot explain step for how to open new simple volume wizard
  5. Enter your desired size, but it should be lower than the unallocated volume.screenshot explain step how to enter desired disk size while partition hard drive
  6. Assign drive letter for new volume or choose default value assigned by system ( you can change drive letter any time) and click Next
    screenshot explain step how to enter drive letter while hard drive partitioning
  7. Now there will be option to format drive, Do not choose format if you do not want to loose data
    screenshot explain step - do not format hard disk while partitioning hard drive
  8. Click Finish, and a disk partition is created.
    screenshot explain step- how to finish hard drive partition

Note : If you want create and format hard drive, be careful and check steps before you process it. or else you may lose data.

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