Run diskmgmt-msc to open disk management

diskmgmt.msc is a run command to open disk management using the command prompt (cmd) to partition the hard disk or perform other tasks to manage the drive of a Windows computer.

What is diskmgmt-msc?

In summarized way, diskmgmt-msc is a run command to open disk management which is logical disk manager of windows to perform advance storage such as initiate or create a new hard drive, extend drive volume, shrink drive volume, change drive letter and troubleshoot to fix drive problem.

Run diskmgmt-msc command to open disk management

Top open disk management using diskmgmt-msc command, follow steps

  1. Press Windows+ R Key, Run dialogue box will open
  2. Type diskmgmt.msc and press enter
  3. Disk Management window will open

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