Windows 10 disk management

Windows 10 disk management is worth knowing to perform storage task and how to can you utilize it to manage your internal and external hard drive space requirement. Things to know What is Windows 10 disk Management? Windows 10 disk management is Microsoft Windows 10 logical disk manager utility which help you to perform advanced … Read more

How to create and format hard disk partition | Disk Management

create and format hard disk suing disk management

Learn how to create a partition on a hard disk and format already created disk space (volume) using disk management, to do so you need be logged in as an administrator. Creation of new partition require unallocated disk space or free space within an extended partition on the hard disk. Let’s see steps to create … Read more

How to Partition hard drive ( Windows 11, 10, 7) using Disk Management

You will learn in this article how to partition a hard drive in windows 11, 10, 7 , Vista and XP using disk management. Define steps are similar for all Windows versions. You can partition only if unallocated or free space is available on the disk. In case there is no unallocated or free space … Read more

Extend Disk Volume in Windows 10 using disk management

Using a disk management tool, you can extend disk volume, which is unused and unallocated, without shutting down your computer and losing your data. Here are the steps explained to extend the volume of drive. How to Extend Disk Volume? To extend disk volume in Windows, follow these steps: Note: Before extending a volume, make … Read more

Run diskmgmt-msc to open disk management

diskmgmt.msc is a run command to open disk management using the command prompt (cmd) to partition the hard disk or perform other tasks to manage the drive of a Windows computer. What is diskmgmt-msc? In summarized way, diskmgmt-msc is a run command to open disk management which is logical disk manager of windows to perform … Read more

How to use disk management?

To use disk management, open it first and click on the drive on which you want to perform any action. All below actions can be performed using disk management.

Change drive letter in windows

By default, the letters assigned to your hard drives, optical drives, and USB drives in Windows are random and not fixed. You can change drive letters using Disk Management . How to change drive letter? 1. Open Disk Management with administrator permissions.2. Right-click on the drive you want to change the letter on and select Change Drive … Read more

What is Disk Management?

Disk Management is Microsoft Windows utility to manage your computer’s internal and external hard drives. It makes the process easier to view information about drives such as drive type, status, capacity, and free space. Disk Management provides options for Creating partitions, Disk Cleanup , Disk scanning, extending, and shrinking drive volume with graphical representation. Disk … Read more