How to use disk management?

To use disk management, open it first and click on the drive on which you want to perform any action.

All below actions can be performed using disk management.

  • Partition a drive
  • Initialize a new drive
  • Change drive letter
  • Extend disk volume
  • Shrink disk volume
  • Free up space on disk
  • Troubleshoot Drive problems using Disk Management
    • disks that are missing or not initialized,
    • dynamic disks that are unreadable,
    • dynamic disks that are foreign,
    • dynamic disks that are online (errors),
    • dynamic disks that are offline or missing,
    • dynamic volumes that are Failed,
    • dynamic volumes that are Unknown,
    • dynamic volumes that are Data Incomplete,
    • dynamic volumes that are Healthy (At Risk), and
    • dynamic volumes that cannot be managed.

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